Alvar Aalto

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Boyutlar 17 × 22,5 cm




Basım Tarihi

Temmuz 2018



Yazar Bilgisi

Zeynep Yazıcıoğlu Halu

Alvar Aalto is accepted as one of the most influential modernist Scandinavian architects, even covering the other Scandinavian architects preceding him. Sigfried Gideon, architecture historian, establishes the link between Aalto and Finland, his country of origin, by stating that ‘‘Finland is with Aalto wherever he goes’’ in this book’s second edition on modern architecture titled Space,

Time and Architecture :

The growth of a new tradition (1949). That’s a reason why our book on Modern Finnish Architecture is mainly structured on Alvar Aalto. On the other hand, you cannot find a catalogue of his buildings but essays fron native Finnish researchers with different Aalto perspectives. While the first essay tries to establish the link between architect and client, the second one is questioning the historical links of Aalto architecture. On the third essay, the role of Aalto’s first wife Aino Aalto on his design capabilities is covered. And lastly the architecture of modern church design is tried to figure out.


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