The Magnificent Biochemical Architecture of the Human Body

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Prof. Dr. İnci Özden

Prof. Dr. İnci Özden graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy in 1972. She carried out her doctoral study in Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy and earned PhD in Biochemistry in 1975. After the associate professor degree in 1981, she became a Professor in 1988. She carried out her career in Istanbul University until the year 2003 in which she joined Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine. She worked at many different levels of administration in Istanbul University, as Head of the Department of Biochemistry, as Vice Deon of Faculty of Pharmacy.

Sİnce 2003, she is the Director of Department of Basic Medical Sciences in Yeditepe University and Administrative Coordinator of Faculty of Dentistry as well as the Director of Medical Biochemistry. Throughout her career of forty-three years, she taught basic biochemistry to Pharmacy, Dentistry and Medicine undergraduate students as well as postgraduate students. She supervised numerous Ms and PhD theses and participated in biochemical research. She adores the biochemical design of the human body and refers to it as the ‘‘Magnificent Biochemical Architecture’’.